Despite what you read in the fishwraps, working from home for a gossip blog doesn't mean that you get to live like a slob. Quite the opposite, in fact, if you ask Defamer's resident glamourpuss/videographer Molly McAleer. As she attests in tonight's installment of Defamer To Do's, living in today's ultra-competitive world means that you have got to stay on point if you want to remain on top. Yes, that means wearing makeup and stunning dresses at all times — even when you're scrubbing toilets — so you can be ready to jet off at a moment's notice. If you spend the next few minutes with Molly, you'll not only learn what's going on in LA tonight, but you'll also be able to empathize with what it means to be a woman in what undoubtedly is a man's, man's world. Enjoy...· Bob Dylan @ Santa Monica Civic Center. · Three 6 Mafia @ House Of Blues. · Maude Night @ UCB.