Lovable MSNBC blowhard Keith Olbermann was reportedly not thrilled about attending the Republican National Convention. Last week, Page Six claimed Keith wanted "a more secure location" before attending the proceedings, because, they giggled, he's afraid someone will assassinate him. Ha ha ha what a baby! When the RNC started, Keith was in New York still, covering Gustav, their main story all day Monday. That made sense. But Gustav passed and today it was made official: Keith won't be making it to St. Paul for any RNC coverage. Which, lucky him. Because we think what was meant by "a more secure location" was actually "a fucking indoor studio like Fox and CNN got." Because Denver coverage was marred not just by infighting and bitchery but also by idiot 9/11 truthers drowning out the hosts with bullhorns. Uninterrupted! For like an hour straight! It was embarrassing (and also hilarious). Honestly we would not put up with that shit again if we had Keith's authority at the station. Anyway. Keith Olbermann: coward! [The Cable Game]