Remember how Sarah Palin wasn't going to attack Barack Obama tonight, according to a front-page Wall Street Journal article? So much for that. Palin railed (as would otherwise have been expected) against the Democratic presidential candidate as a book-writing pansy community organizer who would treat the job of the presidency as a chance for emotional growth, unlike Palin who did actual work leading a metropolis of 6,000 people, firing a chef from the governor's mansion and marrying an actual Eskimo. The applause and laughter from the convention floor sounded ginned up but the pundits approved (as we predicted); CNN was impressed and over on MSNBC Tom Brokaw, who hated liberal colleague Keith Olbermann's kind words at the Democratic convention, said Palin "could not be more commanding or engaging." Probably tomorrow or later tonight everyone will go back to talking about the bridge to nowhere, the love child, the trooper scandal and so forth, but for the moment Palin has successfully changed the subject, which is no small accomplishment. Click the video icon for two of her more effective Obama slams.