BigStage — which lets you map your face from carefully staged photos into a video clip — was built on technology originally developed by the Central Intelligence Agency. The obvious and unanswered question is why in the hell was the CIA developing technology to automagically replace one person with another in photos and videos? Sure, the CIA was deeply involved in early LSD research, but this seems like a trippy idea even for that particular fratty bunch of Yale Bulldogs.Yet everyone got their panties in a twist over the Iranians using Adobe Photoshop to fake up a few extra missiles. Lucky for Tehran, Photoshop and Adobe's other compositing tools are still the way to go for blatantly lying in propaganda. Because while it seems like a good idea to insert yourself into the iconic opening flying scene from Great American Hero like I did, the number of hoops you have to jump through at are maddening, and the results anticlimactic. Keep trying, CIA, and we may just believe that disgraced Enron CEO Ken Lay is actually dead sooner rather than later.