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While the record-breaking premiere of 90210 has left certain stars smiling (and smiling, and smiling), some of the franchise's original cast members have better things to do than stand around and flash those pearly whites for a measly 12 share. Take Jason Priestley, for example, who showed up to Nike's 10k Global Human Race in Los Angeles this week with his teen-dream sideburns upstaged by a massive, world-beating beard. Looking less like Brandon Walsh and more like the homeless man Brandon Walsh invited to Thanksgiving, Priestly was also kind enough to share his curt thoughts on the CW re-do:

He said: "Am I looking forward to it? Er, I'm intrigued by it. I think, like, I'm intrigued by it, sure.' When asked if he'd like to rejoin his former co-stars Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth on the show, Jason bluntly replied: 'Er, not really no.' And when a reporter asked if he believed the show should have been brought back, he said simply: 'It's none of my business, really is it?'

How can Priestly give such a cavalier brush-off to the franchise that an appreciative Tori Spelling is so desperate to re-join? Perhaps he caught the pilot episode cameo from a similarly hirsute Mark the Cobrasnake and decided it'd take a lot more facial hair (and a few more "mega-burgers") before a return appearance from Brandon Walsh would show those peach-fuzzed youngsters how a real man learns valuable lessons in under sixty minutes. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]