Where does the Wall Street Journal's Tina Gaudoin find the time for her hectic trans-Atlantic lifestyle? She'll tell you, in book form! Gaudoin, the yoga mogul who edits the business paper's new glossy weekend magazine, somehow found time to write an autobiographical book about "the ins and outs of the most glamorous and bitchy of industries" (magazines!). After the jump, the semi-grammatical Amazon summary of Gaudoin's Not Just Prada: Real Life Adventures in Magazines (Paperback) [sic]:

Synopsis Tina Gaudoin guides us through the ins and outs of the most glamorous and bitchy of industries - the politics, products and the personalites. Having moved to New York following TMIL (The Man I Love), Tina takes the brave step of accepting a job back in London to get her career of the ground. Tina is catapulted into a job at Tatler where she's in above her head from day one, is struggling to make her long-distance relationship work and is soon to discover that her mother has terminal cancer. Through Tina's story we meet the celebrated movers and shakers in the fashion industry and follow her back and forth across the Atlantic between London and New York as she lurches up the magazine career ladder. With plenty of hilarious stories about top fashion designers, models and photographers at every step of her journey, there's a wealth of behind-the-scenes tales and anecdotes, but it's the combination of these with Tina's own story of ambition, love and loss that makes this the must read of the season.

Recall that WSJ editor Robert Thomson just said Gaudoin is "the world's most talented, the world's best magazine editor of British origin called Tina." How's that for bitchy, Tina Brown? [via Mixed Media. Pic via MB]