In the New Yorker review of Nicolas Cage's new film Bangkok Dangerous, film critic Anthony Lane complains, "The Cage of Wild at Heart and Leaving Las Vegas found life to be engrossingly weird, and treated it accordingly, whereas the Cage of Bangkok Dangerous intones a line like 'There’s a beer in the refrigerator' as if he were reading from the Book of Micah." To that, we ask: is this something new? Nicolas Cage has always been counted on to deliver insane line readings, bizarre physicality, and all around weirdness to his roles. Hell, isn't that why we like him? In the spirit of Cage's eccentricity (and with the help of videographer Molly McAleer), we've assembled a video that chronicles the ten weirdest on-screen moments of Nicolas Cage's career. To be fair, we only allowed one moment per movie — otherwise, you'd be looking at a played-out (but delightful!) highlight reel of The Wicker Man. Enjoy!