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Much like the Amish and freaky polygamist cults living in the Nevada desert, members of America's wealthiest—and Waspiest—households don't pay any attention to the annual glitz-fest on Oscar night. At least that's what band-aid heir Jamie Johnson says in his latest column on "the secret lives of the super-rich" for

Everybody I know watched the Oscars, except the people I know best: the collection of affluent Protestant families society typically refers to as "old money." These dynastic clans, who have held fortunes over several generations, are traditionally anti-Hollywood, and their disapproval of celebrity and the attention paid to movie stars is never so apparent as it is during Oscar season.

And here we were thinking that Casey Johnson had done a lovely job introducing the family to all that Hollywood has to offer!

Why Wasps Don't Watch the Oscars [Vanity Fair]