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Elisabeth Hasselbeck flew into Minneapolis today to host a luncheon for the terrifyingly taut-faced First Lady candidate Cindy McCain, and though The View's resident conservative has hardly hid her feelings on the presidential election, she's also remained relatively mum on the subject of Michelle Obama — until now. The two women met for the first time when Obama guest-hosted The View in June, and Hasselbeck's catty comments may ensure that the visit was Michelle's last. Says the New York Times:

Before the main event, Ms. Hasselbeck contrasted Mrs. McCain with another wife of a political candidate who "shall remain nameless," noting, "She didn't come with a list of topics that we weren't allowed to touch." (Oh, snap, Michelle Obama.)

"Oh, snap," indeed, NYT. What an unfair demand for Michelle Obama to make, especially after the hard-hitting Hasselbeck used Cindy McCain's View stint to grill her on the Keating Five scandal, Cindy's history of drug addiction, and the illegally written prescriptions she used to procure those drugs. Oh, wait, our bad: Hasselbeck never asked about any of those things, and we're sure that Cindy never expected her to! Hooray for partisan double standards! [Photo Credit: AP]