Join Tom Siebel and Sarah Palin for lunch John McCain's pick for his running mate, Sarah Palin, will be dropping by the Bay Area for a fundraising lunch hosted by Siebel Systems founder Tom Siebel and his wife Stacey . Don't worry, Republicans won't have to visit San Francisco and be pestered by illegal immigrants, environmentalists, activists judges or Siebel's new cousin-in-law, hunky God-mayor Gavin Newsom — the lunch will be held on Thursday, September 25th at the Siebel's manse in sleepy Woodside. How much will it cost you?$1,000 gets you a seat, another $1,500 gets you a McCain campaign pin, and if you can roll up $50,000 you get three pictures with the Alaskan governor. Get those donations and RSVPs in by September 22nd in order to reserve your spot at the table. If you want a report from the inside, LiveJournal blogger Jameth is offering sex toys and porn in exchange for donations to send him to the lunch. (Entirely fake image from Hollywood Newsroom)