Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson IV, of the Johnson & Johnson Johnsons (and owner of the pitiable New York Jets), is also a big political power player. He had his own "hospitality suite" at the RNC this week! So because he is a billionaire political donor he is accused, sometimes, of trying to buy influence. That's nonsense! As he explains in the Times today, he is but a simple down-home constituent, just like you:

Like other major donors, Mr. Johnson has traveled with Mr. McCain on the campaign trail. Mr. McCain also calls him on occasion to thank him. But Mr. Johnson plays down the access he has, saying he is no different from anyone else.

"You can call the senator, too," Mr. Johnson said.

Yes, you can. McCain, of course, can't work a BlackBerry and the only "cell phone" he knows is a stick used to carve a cross in the dirt outside his cell so you're going to have to call him at home. You're also going to have to guess which home to try, of course, but no one said democracy's easy.