Brit Hume is exhausted. The flinty Fox anchor has always seemed short-fused and quietly seething (right?) but covering campaign '08 has drained all the joy out of his life. (As have the tensions in his marriage and his fling with Megyn Kendall?) A profile by useless Washington Post media something Howard Kurtz finds the original face of Fair and Balanced Fox openly disgusted with the empty gimmicks of the Republican National Convention: "Baby pictures of John McCain? What in the world are they doing? Oh, this is just atrocious." And: "I'm 65, for God's sake. I don't want to do all that stuff anymore." And "It's dispiriting. This is just partisan poison, and after a while you get tired of covering it." Jesus, he sounds like us. Remember when Fox was the terrifying propaganda organ of a far-right cult of personality? Now it's just the sad official network of embittered, impotent, cranky old white men. (In the event of a McCain victory, of course, it will become both.) [WP]