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Why, it seems like it was only yesterday (or 2003) that actor Michael Cera was just an unassuming Bluth, content to run the family banana stand and do whatever was asked of him by Jason Bateman with a minimum of protest. Today, however, Cera is a fledgling movie star, with two big hits on his resume (Superbad and Juno) and a romantic comedy (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) yet to come. It's while he was promoting the latter that he broke ranks with Bateman for the first time, shooting down the idea that the Arrested Development movie would film next year and stating that he wouldn't want to be a part of it anyway. Says the National Post:

What he won't be doing any time soon is a movie version of a certain quirky TV show. He hasn't heard of any plans for an Arrested Development film. "I don't think I would want to see a movie of the series if I was a fan, anyway," Cera says. "And I don't really see a need for it if you can get the three seasons on DVD."

Michael, the mere fact that you say there's "no need" for an Arrested Development movie tells us that you're not ready for the vocal protest that's bound to ensue from shocked fans. Let's all hope this is just a bit of negotiations hardball designed to bump up the salary for Arrested Development's most unexpectedly bankable performer — otherwise, we'll have to bring back BluthWatch '08. And this time, it's personal.