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"What if we showed how we produced this story?" iconoclastic Wired creative director Scott Dadich asked the team producing an article about self-referential screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (in photo) and his new self-referential film about a self-referential Broadway play, Synecdoche, New York. "What would happen if we broke the rules, we put the whole thing online as we produced it?" "What if we posted the edit — hell, the rough draft." "What if we posted the pitch letter?" "What if we posted the emails about the pitch letter?" Keep going guys .... What if we posted the email you sent Valleywag? Transparency just keeps getting easier.

From: Jason Tanz Date: Sep 4, 2008 10:05 AM Subject: Hey there from Wired To: Hi, Owen. Hope all is well. We met brielfy at Sarah Lacy's book party; at the time I was writing that Julia Allison profile. Perhaps you've heard of it? Anyhoo, just wanted to clue you in to a little journalistic experiment we're doing. I'm writing a profile of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman for our November issue, and as part of that process, we're blogging everything that goes into the pitching, writing, editing, and design of the story. So we're posting emails and rough drafts and early layouts, etc. etc. We're not quite realtime, but should be caught up by end of next week or so. (The idea is to walk our "radical transparency" talk a little.) Anyway, if you're interested you can check it out at Our brilliant creative director is also blogging about the design process at OK, sorry for the pitch. Hope all's good on your end. Best, Jason