Doug Dechert, a "sometime PR flack" and sometime-writer who's about 50 years old, threatened to assault former Gawker editor and current Radar writer Choire Sicha Wednesday night. Specifically, Dechert said "I'm going to punch that little prick [Choire] in his fucking face." Dechert—who was once on the receiving end of an email defenestration and a shove from Ian Spiegalman—made the threat at a book party for chaste author Dawn Eden. Which Choire Sicha did not attend. Here are the specifics, from NY Press writer Matt Harvey, who was there:

An aging Sidney Falco in a rugby shirt, former gossip henchman-and one-time Press contributor-Doug Dechert took some time out from the low key affair to air some long simmering grievances against the NY gossip establishment. "If Chorey Sit-cha walks through that door," he said, "I'm going to punch that little prick in his fucking face." "Choire Sicha?" I asked him just for the sake of clarity. He took a slug from his bottle of Amstel. "Yeah, whatever the fuck his name is, I hope the prick comes in here so I can hit him." Dechert was pissed off at what he perceived as Sicha's bias when the latter was editing Gawker. Dechert had been mentioned on the site for his very public break up with 19-year-old "Bad Girl" writer Abigail Vona in 2004.

That would be this old item, apparently. Choire told the Press, "Threatening violence is a particularly disgusting tactic. It's a shame he's taken a page from the book of that other sad New York City thug, Stanley Crouch." Needless to say, Doug: don't try it. [NYPress]