· Tom Cruise and UA have bought the rights to The Monster of Florence, about a serial killer responsible for eight double-homicides between 1968 and 1985. No word yet on whether Tom would play the monster, or Florence, or (spoiler alert) both! [Variety] · Denzel Washington will star in The Book of Eli, set in the near future, when "America is a wasteland and a lone warrior fights to bring society the knowledge that is key to its redemption." Denzel's good, but he's not convincing Alaskan hockey mom good etc. etc. [THR] · OK, here's the thing America. Germany loves your movies and movie production dollars. But not when they involve sadistically taking out your WWII issues on innocent make-believe Nazis! [THR] · Robert DeNiro made it to the set of Martin Campbell's Edge of Darkness, and then abruptly dropped out. Said a spokesman, "Sometimes things don't work out; it's called creative differences." Coincidentally, that's the last thing Don Fanucci heard before getting shot in the face. [Variety] · The Beijing Olympics had an audience of 4.7 billion viewers, or roughly 70% of the Earth's population, or approximately half the viewers who tuned in to see which David would take the Idol crown. NBC must be thrilled! [THR]