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It was sweet when Bree and Dan posted corresponding "Boy Problems" and "Girl Problems" videos during the first LonelyGirl15 run. Yeah, it's heart-rending when crows mother kittens. But YouTube's biggest tearjerker has to be the story of Christian the Lion — coming to a theater near you, courtesy of Sony.The story: Two British guys adopt a lion cub in 1969, raise it for a couple years and then release it into the wild. Later, the pair go to to Africa to visit their old friend. Despite warnings that the cub will no longer recognize its old friends, it decides not to maim them. Or something. Anyway, watch the clip below and trust me, you'll squirt a few drops. 13 million others have, which is exactly why, during these troubled economic times, Sony Pictures just announced it plans to adapt the clip for a feature called "A Lion Called Christian."