Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss Molly's friend Ed peeing in a bush outside of the Cha Cha. We are by no means endorsing the act of public urination, mind you; as everyone knows, the only time that public urination gets the Defamer stamp of approval is when an outdoor pre-party is somehow involved (tailgating, concerts, long lines at the Tar Pits, etc.). Even in instances like this, we'd really prefer if it you just took the extra five minutes to hit the Port-A-Potty or a public bathroom, but sometimes you just gotta go. Wait a second, how exactly did we get off on this truly disgusting tangent? Oh yes, we were getting ready to talk about this evening's To Do's which, fortunately, are only tangentially related to the topic we were discussing above. So ignore what we just said, but be sure to watch the video to find out what's going on in Los Angeles over the next three days. Have a great weekend!FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 · LA County Fair at the LA County Fair Grounds. · Estelle at the Key Club. · 2001: A Space Oddessy at the Arclight. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 · Nine Inch Nails at the Forum. · What's This Life For? at UCB. · The Maize Project at the Torrance Art Museum. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 · MTV Video Music Awards! We'll be liveblogging here beginning around 3pm PST. · The Fly at the LA Opera. · Oh Baby! Screening at the Renberg Theater. · Death Vessel at Spaceland.