Aways handy with a dubious listicle, Forbes magazine is presenting us with its ranking of America's "Best Cities For Singles." Could Atlanta really be No. 1? Maybe! Dallas at No. 3? Perhaps! But there is no way in hell New York City should come in 8th place. Why? For the same reason this list ranks NYC as number one in the "Cool" category.

Cool people stink! Being in the same room with a cool person is enough to make a decent person vomit. Good God, have you ever tried dating one? And have you ever met any happy singles above the age of, say, 27 in Manhattan or Brooklyn (because we know they're not talking about any other boroughs when they do a list like this) who isn't quite fucking miserable?

Bosh, Forbes magazine! Bosh I say!

Also? Even if NYC does suck, Boston and San Francisco are a much, much worse. Whew. That is all. [Forbes]