A campaign official for Virginia's Lieutenant Governor cancelled an order for 150 tourist guides on Minneapolis-St. Paul when she discovered they included a section on gay and lesbian nightclubs. "'Having a section dedicated solely to GLBT will be a BIG problem for many of our folks. We simply can't hand them out,' wrote the aide, Melissa Busse, in an email to the guidebook publisher, Rake Publishing." However, all those God-fearing Republicans stumbling into town had Twin City's gay clubs overflowing with out-of-towners.

"'We've had quite a spike, mostly people who are curious come down and they wind up leaving and having a good time,' said Robert Parker, the manager of the Gay 90's club in downtown Minneapolis which features a popular 'drag queen' show. 'Mississippi, Alabama, California, Arizona, I've seen people from all over,' said Parker."

As for the Virginians and the tourist guides they refused to collect, Parker says, "Shame on them. [The club] is all about inclusiveness, including everybody no matter who and what you are, and I think if perhaps Republicans come and see that and they would come in and see that the world could be that way, and they may learn something."

"In a statement, Virginia Lt. Gov Bolling said he was sorry the cancellation occurred 'and wish it had not happened.' He said the delegation would reimburse the publisher for his costs." [ABC News]