Awesome dude Matthew MacConaughey is a man of simple pleasures. He likes to smoke a little something, enjoy a frosty beverage, play some bongos, and ride some tasty waves. So why are his Malibu neighbors getting all, like, uptight and totally hassling bro in the press? His surf buddy fans already did them all the favor of clearing the beach of pesky paparazzi by handing the shutterbugs some righteous beatdowns. Well, it seems the no-fun-loving neighbors are worried about the children. Won't someone please, please think of the children?

They're concerned that their precious sun-kissed tots, who naturally adore the easy-going movie star, will be driven to drink after watching him lounging around the beach and having a few brews.

"Matt is rarely seen without a bottle or can of beer in his hand—he likes to unwind with friends. They surf and down beer after beer," says a tipster.

"The kids who play on the beach think Matt's cool because he's in movies. [The parents] don't want their sons and daughters watching Matt get tipsy. Matt thinks they are overreacting. He says he's a dad, too, and they should mind their own business." [Star]