Britney Spears' mom has a tell-all book coming out which is sure to become a Lifetime Network original movie. In it, Lynn Spears accuses the singer's former "manager"—control freak and all around vile-sounding human—Sam Lutfi of grinding up pills and secretly dosing Britney to keep her docile while he insidiously took over her life. He also allegedly threatened that the troubled pop star would be heading to the morgue if he was ever out of the picture: "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead and I'll piss on her grave," Lynn says Lutfi told her just days before Britney's forced stay at a psychiatric facility.

According to Lynn, Lutfi once kept Britney "quiet for three days" by lacing her food with ground sleeping pills. He also, says Lynn, controlled Brit by convincing her that only he could help her win back custody of her kids.

"Take the pills. You should do what I tell you to see your babies," Lynn says Lutfi warned Britney.

"She was sad, floundering, ripe for a predator to come along. Britney was open to this man who rode in on a white horse.

"Within a month of meeting, Sam was in complete control of [Britney's] life. He appointed himself as her gatekeeper, and there was no one he wanted to keep the gate closed to more than Britney's family," Lynne writes.

The elder Spears also accuses Lutfi of disabling Britney's cars (which was probably for the best), hiding her cell phones and chargers, and, bizarrely, hiding her pet dog London from her and then producing the animal and claiming to have found it himself.

A judge eventually issued a restraining order against Lutfi and Britney's dad Jamie now oversees her affairs. [NYP]