Page Six Magazine's Sixoholic column regularly provides various socialite-heiresses the chance to embarrass themselves in print. We love it—and we'd also love to see what said columns look like before being edited for grammar and spelling. From Lydia Hearst to Ivana Trump, they never let us down with their musings: this week, the 59-year-old Trump (recently married to a dubious 36-year-old Italian), tells us that she's not above tying her one-year-old granddaughter to a leash:"I'll probably put her on a leash [to teach her to ski], like a dog. It is a technique. You maintain control from the back so she cannot just take off through the woods." That is actually adorable. But seriously, what's with her man, Rossano Rubicondi?

Sometimes at Fashion Week I find myself sitting next to Sean Combs... In 2002 for his birthday, Sean flew 300 friends, including Tommy Lee and Naomi Campbell, to Marrakech, Morocco. The festivities started in New York the day after Halloween, and we all wore costumes to Cipriani. I was Catwoman, so I wore a black bodysuit, and my husband, Rossano, was…I don't know what he was

Maybe he was masquerading as a heterosexual! Ivana-logues [Page Six Mag]