Here's a little treat for those of you who've been feeling unusually childish and insane lately! As the internet debunks those nagging rumors about Sarah Palin wanting to ban Harry Potter (and also, the dictionary) from the Wasilla library, today's Wall Street Journal brings us a little glimpse into what might happen if Palin did ever try to do such a thing: she'd risk the homicidal rage of "Potterheads" — they are lamer than Dittoheads — across the land! Here are some highlights from the insane hate mail they (average age of sender: 36) sent Warner Brothers when the studio postponed (just postponed!) the release of the last film in the franchise. Don't choke on your saliva!

You are blasted, greedy, money-driven executive bitch

You stinkin suck all the happiness from the world!!!!

'There is no good and evil. There is only money, and those too weak to seek it.' —The WB


They're not all unreasonable:

I won't lie: Half-Blood Prince probably DID have potential to make more money next summer, than this winter. It was a smart financial move, to be sure. What wasn't smart was the movie you decided to move. This is a Harry Potter movie, for God's sake.

And finally, the best for last:

I hope you choke on your own saliva.