The Definitive Guide to the Beatrice Inn The low-ceiling'd, tiny coke den that is the Beatrice Inn doesn't look like much. But it's become Manhattan's celeb hangout du jour , obsessively covered by blogs like this, and fetishized most recently in Fashion Week Daily 's detailed map placing the regular characters of the downtown hovel. About-town writer George Gurley—the cuddliest of the nightlife denizens—compiled a "Who's Who" of the "Bea," as it's called by regs. Nothing short of hilarious, he has the juice on everyone: Mary-Kate, Josh Hartnett, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, and Kirsten Dunst, who perhaps explained the Bea's celeb draw better than anyone: "[She] once told a regular, 'Don't judge me, guys, don't judge me! I like to have fun too!" Click for full list and map.

  • Kate Moss: "Never seen here there, but we have a history. At least in my mind."
  • Mary Kate Olsen: "Hard not to stare, because she looks like a tin elfin child playing dress-up in someone else's clothes."
  • Paul Johnson Calderone: "Outrageous hipster-fashion-socialite-blogger dude... been back to his place for a bunch of afterparties. All I remember is finding myself on a hide-a-bed at 8 a.m., watching Marie Antoinette, thinking it was maybe time to go home."
  • Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: "Seemed pretty mellow to me, but are known as the 'dramatic duo,' with catfights, tears, making up, making out in front of everybody."
  • Josh Hartnett: "Used to have after-parties at his place in SoHo. Has a rack of sunglasses and everyone would wear a pair. Nothing ever happened and people he didn't know had to leave their bags and cellphones in the corner of the room."
  • Thanks, George, for enduring that so we don't have to. And for telling us once, at the Bea, that he checks this website "ten, twelves times a day."