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Eliot Spitzer has made his first major real estate deal since taking over the property firm founded by his father, reports the Wall Street Journal. The ex-governor is paying $180 million to acquire a 13-story office building in Washington, DC. The strange part? It's one block from the Mayflower Hotel, where Spitzer spent some memorable time with a young lady by the name of Ashley Dupre.

Why Spitzer had to pick this particular building, whose tenants include the Washington outpost of the Nixon Presidential Library and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, he doesn't say. (He didn't even buy it at much of a discount, even though the firm selling it defaulted on its loan recently.) But the bizarre coincidence doesn't appear to bother him much:

Asked if the proximity to the hotel creates mixed feelings, Mr. Spitzer demurred. "No. We are buying a great building. That's why we are buying it," he said.

Guess that settles that!

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