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There's only so much of the Toronto Film Festival's flavor and clusterfucky pageantry we can deduce from our workstation deep in the Defamer Salt Mines, but until the State Department restores our passports to good standing and we get that furlough we've been promised since mid-2005, we're happy to defer to our all-seeing operatives on the scene. One particularly attentive tipster writes today from the party honoring RocknRolla, Guy Ritchie's trilogy-launching crime caper featuring Jeremy Piven as the manager of a junkie rock star/art thief/Mafia scion. Which was evidently beside the point once Piven arrived with his own drama, as our mole reports after the jump:

I was outside talking with some of the studio flacks when Piven arrived. He did the posing for the camera thing, then when he entered the party (at the Distillery Room, Boiler District) he walked past the full length poster at the entrance, noticed his picture wasn't on it, and very obviously gestured at the poster with a WTF kind of expression in plain view of everyone crowding around the entrance. He also had two either very expensive or very skanky hookers with him, and everyone around was rolling their eyes at this. The last part is the best though: At the actual screening, The Pivster was attending the screening with a buddy of his, and at the last minute made his friend give up his ticket to the Gala Screening, so Piven could bring a hooker in with him instead. Buddy got plain ditched outside the theatre.

Classy! Still, dear reader, caveat emptor — in the end, we can confirm neither the appearance nor livelihoods of Piven's date(s) nor the gravity of his friend's predicament. But there are clues: A slump's a slump, after all (especially for Pivs), and anytime a guy can circumvent the plunging dollar with a strategically placed premiere ticket and his memories of partying with the Stanley Cup, a perfect Northern douche storm can really never be too far off. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]