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Hollywood's growing political skirmishes have savagely overtaxed our Defamer Decides '08 bureau over the last 24 hours, with the Oprah Winfrey/Sarah Palin fallout still flowing over the transom and even the formidable presence of Chuck Norris on Fox promoting his unique, Palin-proud brand of "black belt patriotism." Indeed, writes Anchorman/Step Brothers filmmaker (and occasional Huffington Post contributor) Adam McKay, the post-GOP Convention hangover is a potent one — or even potentially fatal, now that McCain has closed the gap on Obama. To which the saturnine scribe reacted with a deep gaze into his crystal ball and a reality check heard 'round the world: "We're Gonna Frickin' Lose This Thing":

Think this is some opinion being wryly posited to titillate other bloggers and inspire dialogue with Tucker Carlson or Gore Vidal? Fuck that. Four corporations own all the TV channels. All of them. If they don't get ratings they get canceled or fired. All news is about sex, blame and anger, and fear. Exposing lies about amounts of money taken from lobbyists and votes cast for the agenda of the last eight years does not rate. The end. ...

This race should be about whether the Republican Party is going to be dismantled or not after the borderline treason of the past eight years. But instead it is about making the word "community organizer" a dirty word and a beauty queen who shoots foxes from a plane. Someone is not in any way doing their job and it's the press. Or more specifically, that job no longer exists.

Oh, man. Do not let Kate Beckinsale hear you say that.