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A Valleywag spy attended the second day of TechCrunch50 and then followed the crowd to a dinner, a party and an after party. He learned that blondes love Mark Cuban, Jason Calacanis likes to drink, and flack turned TechCrunch blogger Calley Nye knows how to leave with a billionaire. Also, our spy reports that the startup that's getting everyone's attention at the show itself is doing it "through the use of hot and semi naked booth girls." All that and more in his bullet-point recap, below.Conference

  • Connectivity still an issue. Wifi out on Monday and the major celebs showed up to kowtow to King Arrington and Jason
  • There is a secret mutiny going on with startups in the pay-to-play Demo Pit. They gave out poker chips to ticket holders to vote for their favorite startups, there 3 colors one for each day to decide. A single company, through the use of hot and semi naked booth girls has managed to monopolize Day 1's chips (80). The winner of the chips would get a review and extra publicity. So to counter the startup — which does something stupid — there are now alliances going on where other startups are grouping together and sharing their chips so that one company doesn't win. So far about 20 companies are in this coup.


  • Showed up for Nicole Jordan's dinner party at Lulu's. The bill was like $3k and I had to pay like $100 when I thought the meal was free.
  • Calley Nye showed up, brought by Larry Chiang, but very quickly cozied up to Barney Pell of Powerset. They were hugging and cuddling and the guy had his hand on her thigh/knee the entire time.


  • Held at club Temple, they intermixed the TC50 crowd with the young kids that just randomly showed up. Music was loud and obnoxious and the crowd was a weird mix of uncomfortable geeks and drunk kids.
  • snuck into VIP floor with Mark Cuban and entourage, bought him a beer
  • Met [former FuckedCompany blogger] Pud and spoke to him about startups and AdBrite. he's finally very happy with with the way it's working right now.
  • Jason calacanis showed up and he was pretty drunk most of the time.

After party

  • At the W Hotel bar/lobby with Jason Calacanis, Mark Cuban, Frank Gruber.
  • Mark had a gaggle of blondes surrounding him. Most look 18. He kissed and rubbed quite a few them right next to me as I tried to get drinks. One was very upset that Mark wasn't giving her enough attention.
  • Jason Calacanis is blizted enough to be stumbling everywhere
  • Met a drunk girl that work for Geni/Yammer. She's apparently David Sak's BFF, some major assistant to the producer of Rush Hour or something. Got recruited from LA to handle "book-keeping and HR." says she's under NDA but eventually figured out that she has stock and they're working out a way to sell Yammer, a side project, by the next month.
  • Calley showed towards the end of the night and approached Jason Calacanis while his wife was standing next to him but then Mark Cuban.
  • As the party ended she's managed to convince him to let her hold his hand while he's hugging and kissing the other blondes.
  • When we got kicked she managed to get herself into the front seat of Mark's surburban along with his entourage and left.
  • Jason left in a limo at 2:30am with a very disgruntled wife and most likely not able to wake up for TC50 Day 3