Hip hop mogul and sophisticated ball waxer Puff Daddy got a little embarrassed this week, when some journalist-for reasons still unknown-decided to fact check something that came out of Puffy's mouth. Specifically, a rant that the millionaire bad rapper spit on YouTube about how he had to stop flying on his own private jet due to high gas prices. Then a gossip guy at the Palm Beach Post actually combed the records and talked to secret sources and discovered there is no private jet registered to Puffy or any of his companies. But there is an explanation!

The hip-hopper's publicist in New York said Combs, 38, swears Combs is the fractional owner of a NetJets plane.

That company sells flight hours on private jets and calls it "fractional ownership."

Oh my god, how gauche! Fractional ownership? Not the same as "ownership." I have a feeling that Emily Brill would dismiss this as a horrifying faux pas by a nouveau riche or something similar that those types of people say.

But in this age of trendy green gestures, Puffy could argue that his NetJets membership is for purely environmental reasons. Any insinuation that money was an issue is itself the real gauche nouveau riche faux pas! The real question in play is this: Are celebrities with a NetJets (or similar) membership allowed to refer to it as "my jet?" Without being subjected to scorn? Fuck no. That's not your jet, Puffy. Or if it is, the taxi I rode in is "my car." This NetJet fronting must end! Celebrities who do own their own private jets should be subjected to even more scorn.