Sarah Palin's typo-ridden LinkedIn profile A tipster's discovered Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's LinkedIn profile and handily pointed out the poor intern who had to put it together's typos. Surprised anyone bothered to find it? Don't be. According to Google Trends, Sarah Palin gets more search queries than either of the two men at the top of the tickets. Probably doesn't hurt that Google counts what Hitwise says are the very many searches for "Sarah Palin Vogue Magazine," "Sarah Palin Photos," "Sarah Palin Bikini Photos," "Sarah Palin Nude," and "Sarah Palin Naked." With his strong cheek bones and steely-eyed stare, John McCain is a very handsome man, but not many of us need to see him naked. The Internet's obsession for Sarah Palin, according to the Google Trends chart below, seems to know no bounds.Sarah Palin's typo-ridden LinkedIn profile