In the annals of Bravo catchphrases, there are those that hit ("Make it work!") and those that miss (like Jonathan Adler's sheepish "See you later, decorator" from Top Design). Still, an oft-repeated turn of phrase is the one accessory no Bravo star can be without, and so it goes for stylist Rachel Zoe, whose docu-series The Rachel Zoe Project premiered on the channel last night. Whether faced with a beautiful pair of shoes or the terrifying orange head of top American designer Michael Kors, Zoe has one stock response: "I die." With the help of Molly McAleer, we've assembled a rapid-fire montage of each "I die" uttered in the series premiere. Is it simply a self-fulfilling prophecy given the stylist's skeletal frame, or do its multiple intended uses presage the fashion world's version of "Aloha"? [Bravo]