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You didn't expect Russell Simmons to be counseling Ashley Dupre out of the kindness of his heart, did you? The pieces are beginning to come together: Dupre's heartfelt account of her new mentor and yoga master today just so happens to have coincided with Dupre's debut as a blogger on Simmons' news aggregation website And it's not just Ashley sharing her story on the site. Russell is now blogging about meeting Dupre for the first time, too—his piece is entitled "Meeting Miss Ashley"—and both articles are currently the featured stories on the site's homepage. For the past year, Hollywood studios, record labels, fashion brands, and adult movie companies have been running around in circles looking for ways to cash in on Dupre's infamy. But it looks like Russell is going to walk away with the PR victory.

Simmons didn't waste any time either. Dupre says she befriended Simmons "while taking class at a yoga school I started going to in the past year," where he gave her "hand placement tips" and educated her "about the virtues of yoga that he's discovered throughout the years." He also "explained the importance of understanding that our actions sometimes have far reaching consequences," and shared "the role that charity plays in his life."

It's been a busy few days for the duo! In Russell's blog post, he says he only met her for the first time this past weekend.

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