Project Runway is crappy this season, your cat has been acting weird towards you lately, the body is starting to smell and you need to leave the house. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself wanting to go out on the town on this cool late-summer evening. But what to do?? Well we have got the party for you. And all you have to do to get in is say the name "Jason Preston":

Tonight at 11pm Jason Preston (marc jacobs ex) is throwing a HUGE party with make up artist Jasen Kaplan. Aubrey o'day from danity kane is the surprise performance. 12 pack from I love money is working the door and the whole real world cast for the new show will be there as well. Lindsay Lohan will be stopping by after visting her gf at her other party. The party is at 55 W21st street between 5th nd 6th. Make sure to say Jason Preston at the door.

Hah, the former hooker and Marc Jacobs-dater sure throws one hell of a party! And we mean "hell" quite literally, as this sounds like the exact confluence of reality show stars and tabloid fodder that marks the end of days described in Revelations 2.0. Someone go and give us a party/apocalypse report. Even if you don't get past the door, at least you'll have met "12 pack from i love money." If that doesn't quite float your boat, the aforementioned Samantha Ronson is deejaying on the roof of the Empire Hotel tonight, celebrating some sort of new vodkee. Her ladyfriend Lindsay Lohan is totes sched'd to stop by. Two parties in one night for Lindsay Lohan! I dunno, sounds pretty tiring!!!!#Q$@# [tumble] Orrrrr if you are a gay Mormon who doesn't drink and you want a slightly more wholesome and teetotaling outing, you can go watch teen soap Gossip Girl being filmed on the Lower East Side. They're at "the annex on orchard (btwn riv and stanton)" according to a tipster, and they'll be there til 11. Go ogle Chace and/or throw copies of Letters To a Young Actor at him. Happy hunting!