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In a short interview for Yahoo, giggly Tech Ticker reporter Sarah Lacy gave model-turned-actor-turned-investor Ashton Kutcher a chance to let everyone know that he's not just a pretty face as a company founder, but "isn't getting much sleep" while managing every facet of his new startup, Blahgirls. This week he's been at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco promoting his new celebrity gossip and humor site, where cheeky, animated teenage girls keep a blog and appear in two short videos a week — in the first batch, we meet the character Stewart, a fey online gossip who, purely coincidentally, has a pink fauxhawk. Full interview after the jump.

Click to viewKutcher's ambitions as an investor may not be returning dividends yet, but like a good serial wantrepreneur he's still out pressing the flesh and lending his flesh for press. And at least with this company, he has some experience in the entertainment industry that actually applies, unlike previous investments in restaurants (Dolce Enoteca), advertising (SaysMe) and Internet phones (Ooma). But calling into question the obession of fans, as Kutcher promises the site will do in episode four, won't have him beating Perez Hilton anytime soon: The masses prefer our celebrities mocked, and our obsessions applauded, not the other way around.