International playboy and fraud superstar Raffaello Follieri is no longer just an alleged swindler. As was rumored earlier this week, he pleaded guilty yesterday to 14 counts of fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering in connection with a Catholic church property investment scam. He had to give up $2.4 million, along with all that nice jewelry he gave to his charmed girlfriend Anne Hathaway. Next time give a poor man a shot, Anne! Now Follieri's personal grooming is paying the price for his foolish decision not to listen to Lizzie Grubman:

Dressed in navy blue corrections department clothing, Mr. Follieri appeared unshaven and in need of a haircut. His sentencing was initially scheduled for Dec. 12, but his lawyer, Flora Edwards, asked the judge for an earlier date, saying that Mr. Follieri was having "a very difficult time" in the Metropolitan Detention Center... "The game he played was not unique. It's been done before," Ms. Grubman said. "Planes, trains and automobiles are very sexy to anyone who is young."

Follieri will be sentenced in October, and he's getting several years, at least. Let this be a lesson: don't fuck with the Pope. [NYT]