Yesterday CBS had a new John McCain attack ad pulled from YouTube because it took footage of Katie Couric out of context. Hey, "out of context" is the theme of the ad! Elitists. Now the McCain campaign itself has apparently gotten embarrassed enough by the ad—which pointed out that elitist Indonesian celebrity candidate Barack Obama called hockey mom Sarah Palin a dirty pig—that it has removed it from McCain's website. "Today is not a day for partisanship, it's a day for remembrance," a McCain spokesman said by way of explanation. Here's a clip of average American Bill O'Reilly (who, in a total coincidence, recently scored a nice interview with his friend Barack) graciously taking the side of the black man, blaming the "pig" uproar on the media. "We are driving the pig train," says Bill. Indeed. Click to watch. [Mixed Media, video via Huffington Post]