Own the First Dog on Your Block to See 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'As noted in this morning's Fall Movie Hell forecast, the world's breathless anticipation of Beverly Hills Chihuahua is nearing its Oct. 3 payoff. But now Disney is offering a special class of Angeleno the world's first look at the finished film, and we have to admit, some of us are more than a little jealous:

THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL (FIRST TIME EVER) MOVIE SCREENING FOR CHIHUAHUA OWNERS AND THEIR DOGS! THIS WILL BE FOR THE UPCOMING DISNEY MOVIE 'BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA' (IN THEATERS 10/3). This screening will be part of a promotional photo shoot that will be used for PR and media. Exact date TBC, but it will most likely be Sunday 9/14 or Thursday 9/18. This is for Chihuahua's [sic] only. DRESS TO IMPRESS!!
Hurry, though! Only 114 spots remain to assign before tomorrow's RSVP deadline. We think we might have an attendee in mind, and let's face it — this really is a To-Do backdrop waiting to happen.