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As noted in this morning's Fall Movie Hell forecast, the world's breathless anticipation of Beverly Hills Chihuahua is nearing its Oct. 3 payoff. But now Disney is offering a special class of Angeleno the world's first look at the finished film, and we have to admit, some of us are more than a little jealous:

THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL (FIRST TIME EVER) MOVIE SCREENING FOR CHIHUAHUA OWNERS AND THEIR DOGS! THIS WILL BE FOR THE UPCOMING DISNEY MOVIE 'BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA' (IN THEATERS 10/3). This screening will be part of a promotional photo shoot that will be used for PR and media. Exact date TBC, but it will most likely be Sunday 9/14 or Thursday 9/18. This is for Chihuahua's [sic] only. DRESS TO IMPRESS!!

Hurry, though! Only 114 spots remain to assign before tomorrow's RSVP deadline. We think we might have an attendee in mind, and let's face it — this really is a To-Do backdrop waiting to happen.