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As Sunset Tans' famed Olly Girls continue their important work somewhere in our solar system—we think they're currently colonizing the first tanning studios on Mars—we thought we'd check in with some of the E!-documented bronzing franchise's earthbound bulb-bunnies. Attendant Amber Peterson, for example, currently manning the beds at their Las Vegas oupost, couldn't be more excited about her obsessively documented date with a certain superstar Olympic gold medalist—and here's a hint: it's not female weightlifting champion Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon of Thailand. It's Michael Phelps!

Sunset Tan worker Amber Peterson tells E! Phelps asked her out to dinner Friday night after she gave him and his friends complimentary airbrush tans. “He wore a disposable brief and it reminded me a lot of his trademark Speedo,” said Peterson. She also said the scantily clad Phelps had a tattoo on his right hip, a symbol of the Olympic gold rings.

Throughout dinner Peterson said Phelps was the perfect gentleman, even making her feel better after spilling a drink on his lap. “I spilled a Shirley Temple in his lap! He was a great sport about it and didn't get angry. He just laughed and said, ‘It happens and it will dry!’" [...] The two discussed Phelps desire to swim again in the next Olympics, his preference of frosted flakes over Wheaties (he’s the new face of frosted flakes), and his excitement for the upcoming MTV VMA’s. “He was excited to be a part of the show and said his tan was going to look good on TV,” said Peterson. After dinner the two went to Moon nightclub where Peterson said they “danced the night away.” They also exchanged phone numbers and Peterson says they “have exchanged texts” since.

Indeed, Phelps did look great on TV. What's more—it sounds as if something pretty special might be blossoming between these two. Just take a look at some of those exchanged texts: "Had a great time with u!" "?" "It's Amber from Snst tan... Sry about the Shrlee Temple ;p"" "O hey whats up?" "Not much. Want some more airbrushing? My treat :)" "Nah I'm good. O did i leave a medal in your car?" "No but ill check. Get 2gether soon?" "Yeah, def." Could the pitter-patter of little beflippered, deeply bronzed feet be far away? Time will tell!