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• Lindsay Lohan certainly had an eventful weekend. After a judge issued a warrant for her arrest on Friday, Lindsay had a meltdown on Twitter and ended up in a fight with Sam Ronson that was so intense, the cops had to be called. It's not over yet: She's scheduled to appear in court today, although she may not show. [People, Gawker, TMZ, NYP]
Olivia Palermo isn't making friends in her Tribeca apartment building. She strutted past the people gathered in the lobby last Thursday "completely oblivious" to the fact that one of the building's apartments was on fire. [P6]
Gwyneth Paltrow and her trainer Tracy Anderson are having trouble finding people to pay $4,500 to join their new Tribeca gym. What a surprise. [P6]

• Whitney Port supposedly broke up with Jay Lyon on the phone last Monday, in case you're keeping track of these things. [In Touch]
• Jesus Luz is reportedly moving into Madonna's UWS apartment. [Mirror]
• Jennifer Aniston wants everyone to know she dumped John Mayer, not the other way around. Duly noted. [Sun]
Blaine Trump's friends say she had an "accidental overdose" on pills back in 2004 after finding out her ex Robert Trump was cheating. [P6]
• Rihanna was in New York this weekend, reportedly for meetings about her plans to star in a remake of The Bodyguard. [NYDN]
• Don Imus has Stage II prostate cancer. [Fox News]
Gisele Bundchen has taken Tom Brady to Brazil to meet her family. [NYDN]
• Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were spotted kissing in LA last week. [P6]
• Actor and political activist Ron Silver died on Sunday morning. [NYP]
Padma Lakshmi's rep wants everyone to know she did not flip out at Schiller's last week. [P6]
• A melee broke out outside the America's Next Top Model auditions on West 55th Street Saturday morning. [NYP]
• Charlie Sheen's wife Brooke Mueller gave birth to twin boys on Saturday. [People]
• Simon & Schuster is suing MC Hammer for failing to return the $61,000 advance he was paid for a book he never wrote. [NYDN]
• Michael Jackson sold out 50 concerts in five hours on Friday, although he still hasn't found an insurer willing to cover his tour. [People, NYDN]
• Have you heard the info on Wikipedia isn't always truthful? Yea, well, Tom Brokaw did not have an affair with Diane Sawyer, so you know. [R&M]