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Remember those halcyon days when our fashion icons were strictly seen and not heard? Now the previously inscrutable Kate Moss happily talks on camera, Anna Wintour is starring in not one but two documentaries, and this Wednesday sees the debut of Carine Roitfeld's CNN Revealed special. Naturally, CNN is tantalizing us with plenty of snippets ahead of time, mostly focused on that earth-shattering issue: Does Carine really intend to steal Anna's job?

Non, says the charismatic fifty-something whom Condé International chairman Jonathan Newhouse calls "probably the most creative person I've met in my life":

It's a bit like for an actor. Do you want to go to Hollywood or do you want to stay here in Paris and do the cinema I like to do? I think I prefer to stay here in Paris...I'm very happy at French Vogue to be able to do everything—almost everything—I want in the magazine," she said. "It would be too political at American Vogue for me. And I'm not sure I'm talking enough good English to work there."

So Anna's Vogue is a blockbuster for the masses, but Carine's is a highbrow arthouse flick? Even by not talking enough good English, she's fluent in damning with faint praise! And despite insisting that she's very happy where she is, she also told CNN that "I'm sure something new is going to happen in the next year." Très intriguing!

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