Band Sellout Prices Reach An All-Time Low The entire music industry is slowly becoming a simple extension of corporate marketing programs —but at least most companies are forced to pay a lot of money for their new pets. Taco Bell, though, has learned that it doesn't take that much to have an "indie " (Ha! Ho!) group cosign your company. The souls of musicians used to cost at least a bag of heroin; now, an entire band can be purchased for as little as a Chalupa value meal!

Taco Bell is doubling down on indie rock this fall by expanding the scope of its annual promotion that provides meals to touring bands. The fast-feeder's third iteration of "Feed the Beat" will feature twice as many bands and an online contest to record singles... The reward for Taco Bell comes when Gen-Y fans see the brand giving a hand to acts they care about. The chain is also taking the opportunity to promote its late-night menu, reasoning that touring bands are hungry after a show.
So 100 lucky indie bands get a $500 coupon to Taco Bell and the chance to put their MP3s on a Taco Bell website, thereby helping the fast food chain connect with those hard-to-reach Millenials! God that's sad. [Ad Age ]