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Mention Keira Knightley's name to us, and two things come immediately to mind: Atonement, and a startlingly precipitous clavicle. For years, Knightley has been fending off rumors about her bony physique, though now, the squatting star believes she's hit upon a plan that will silence her critics once and for all:

'The Duchess' actress - who is often criticised for her slim figure - believes she would get a break from her detractors if she had a baby. She said: 'That's a good reason to have a kid. They won't say I'm anorexic any more. S**t, I've got to have a child.'

F**k yeah you do! Having a baby (who we imagine, for some reason, would come out of the womb already furiously chain-smoking) could be the answer to all of Knightley's Hollywood prayers! Flush with pregnancy curves, no longer would the actress have to suffer the indignity of digitally-enhanced breasts and four-Skittle dinners. Or, alternately, Knightley could simply eat a sandwich every now and then. You know, whichevs! [Photo Credit: Getty Images]