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There are some tastes that go great together: chocolate and peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. There are even some tastes that go great together that don’t involve peanut butter, and one of them might just be Paris Hilton and Ryan Seacrest! Yes, America’s least favorite heiress and most sexually ambiguous reality host are combining their joint powers of suckage to create a brand new scripted television series.Details are super sketchy at this point. We don’t know what the show will be about, we don’t know who will be in it, we don’t know what network it will be on. We just know that it’s coming and we felt it was our civic duty to alert you to this troubling fact. Break out that plastic sheeting and cover your windows, stock up on canned goods and fresh water, build yourself a panic room. When two forces as powerful as Seacrest and Hilton form an alliance, there’s no telling how catastrophic the consequences will be. Of course, the show could also be wicked boring and fade into obscurity. Either way, consider yourself warned!