John McCain went on The View this morning to talk oversimply about all the typical emotional hot-button issues you'd rather hear Sarah Palin mispronounce stuff while talking about. But shit, Whoopi made it kind of awesome! After getting John McCain to babble off the classic "strict constructionist" platitudes about how the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution would have definitely wanted all those hypothetical future states it would annex over the next hundred fifty years to be allowed to decide for themselves whether to outlaw a type of surgery that would gain popularity some time after the invention of reliable anesthesia they could have easily forseen would occur sixty years into the future at the time of the signing…Whoopi asked if she should be worried about returning to slavery!And stupid strict constructionist Republicans: how do they not have a comeback for this one? Has John McCain never spoken to a black person? Because that will actually have to change! Anyway, Barbara Walters saves it by imagining herself as some sort of latter-day Harriet Tubman.