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In a world where everything old is new again, the latest cultural relic to get its return to the spotlight is that staple of 80's cheese: the exercise instructional video. First resurrected by noted Americana anthropologist Heidi Montag, the fitness tape is set to receive its most high-profile update yet, says Marie Claire. Filling Jane Fonda's leotard this time will be none other than Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow, who will share the secrets of how to attain a body worth baring in the pages of GQ and gams that could transfix even the most jaded talk show host:

One source said: 'Her idea is to show, step by step, what she does every day to stay in shape. There won't be much fancy equipment involved either, because her workout is mostly yoga, some basic Pilates and flexibility, and resistance training.' Gwyneth, 35, has previously revealed she undergoes gruelling daily workouts with her personal trainer, even training via webcam when they are apart. And, when training on her own gets boring, Gwyneth pops round to good friend Madonna's house for a sweat-session in her personal gym. Fitness fanatic Madonna won’t feature in the DVD but, added the insider, 'some of her techniques will be shown.'

While we're all atingle that Paltrow's DVD might demonstrate how to attain Madonna-like biceps (seriously, we've got string bean arms over here), with tips like those, we think we could probably beat her to the punch with a simple, retitled DVD on how to get a body like Gwyneth Paltrow's: Be Rich.