Suspected bio-warfare prankster Bruce Ivins may or may not have mailed people anthrax back in 2001, but either way, it's clear that the guy appreciates a good practical joke. Long before the FBI came after him for the deadly spore gag—and before he killed himself during the investigation—the Roman Catholic doctor made clear his desire to be cremated upon his death. However, he apparently didn't trust his wife and son to honor his wishes, so he built a rather clever escape clause into his last will and testament. The will states that if his wife—an anti-abortion activist and former president of the Frederick County (Maryland) Right to Life group—doesn't burn his remains and scatter them to the four winds, about one-third of his estate will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Diabolical! There are few things sweeter than zombie emotional blackmail from the beyond. Just remember, though—the guy may have had a habit of terrorizing people with fine particles of dust, but that doesn't necessarily mean the FBI was right. [NYT]