Meredith Viera, Oversharing Dog Crap ExpertI really like Meredith. She's leaps and bounds more genuine than Katie Couric. But even she has been shoehorned by her bosses into the "We Need a Blog" syndrome. She is a classy gal, and it's a shame some NBC producer drove her to such depths that she's writing openly about her dog's defecation habits (albeit in a heartfelt way Americans can relate to). She writes:

Here's my life in a nutshell: I still haven't found my charm bracelet, and Jasper our dog has started "relieving" himself again in our living room, after I spent a couple hundred dollars getting the rug clean so that he wouldn't smell himself. I don't understand why he's doing it-he's free to go outside all the time, it's not as if he's trapped and has no choice, he knows he's loved… At this point I'm wondering if I should install motion sensors and hidden cameras just to see if there's a pattern or time of day when he goes behind the couch. But maybe that's taking it too far.
But apparently, her post found a concerned audience:
Since I'm flying to Chicago right after the show tomorrow, I thought I'd answer a few questions today… Caroline said: Did your dog start "relieving" himself when your son came home from college for the summer? If so, this might have been his way of marking his territory! That's a great observation, but unfortunately this pre-dates Ben's return home. So I'm still at a loss but determined to come up with a solution. A friend of mine suggested I just put those wee-wee pads for puppies along the living room floor where Jasper likes to ‘go', but I'm afraid that will send him the wrong message... stay tuned.
We will. [via Meredith Viera's blog]