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Friday's Bear Hug Camp, a software developer's meetup to discuss Twitter-like "microblogging" services, proved Internet commenters can prickle even the grizzliest Web 2.0 advocate. "Steve Gillmor decided to look at feedback on the Twitter and Identica services," a tipster emailed. "After reading out loud multiple comments calling him an A**hole, as well as other choice words, Gillmor commented he didn't want to do this anymore and made Leo Laporte take over, despite Leo's plea for him to stay." We waited for the video. It takes forever to watch, so here's the summary: At 11:40 into Session 3, Gillmor packs up and walks off ("OK, take care..."), leaving the event in the hands of Laporte, a TV host turned videoblogger, but he returns at 1:22:15 to take over an API whiteboarding session. You can check out any time you like, Steve, but you can never leave.