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You may be worrying about losing your job or defaulting on your mortgage, but you can take heart in the fact you're not alone: Dasha Zhukova is right there with you! The 27-year-old gallery owner, magazine editor, socialite, and girfriend of billionaire Roman Abramovich, told reporters at the opening of her Garage gallery in Moscow last week that she's been "as affected by the crisis as anyone else." Unlike everyone else, though, Dasha has no plans to let her financial worries get her down; she remained, says one reporter, "determined not to let the financial crisis get in the way of a good party." Because even if her boyfriend is worth half as much as he was last year, he still has $8.5 billion. And that still leaves plenty of room for an occasional party or art show. "The Garage will go on," she told the guests in attendence. Clearly! [The First Post]